Day 8 – 14 days to be a better shooter – switching hands

Day 8 – 14 days to be a better shooter – switching hands

Day 8 is all about switching shoulders with the long guns and switching hands with the handgun.

Day 8 – switching hands with the handgun

Day 8 - 14 days to be a better shooter - switching hands

Switching Hands with the handgun

For the handgun, the reason you should practice switching shoulders is not so much a cover issue, but more of a practical issue.  Lets say you have your handgun in your right hand, but need to access some gear in your right front pocket and you don’t feel the area is safe or secure enough to reholster.  You would merely switch hands so that you could still engage a threat left handed should one present itself while you were getting something from your right front pocket with your right hand.  Additionally you may have an injured right hand.  So learning to shoot and do all the manipulations left handed is just as important as doing them right handed.
To switch hands, lets assume you are holding the handgun in your right hand.  The first step is to extend the thumb and bring it as far as you can away from the gun.  This creates the gap that you will fill with your other hand.  So you now bring your left thumb/hand and fill the gap left by your right hand.  Now just switch out your fingers.  What you want to say to yourself is:  Create the gap, Fill the gap, Switch hands.
Do this back and forth twenty times, then do it another twenty times while blindfolded.

Day 8 – switching hands with the long gun

Day 8 - 14 days to be a better shooter - switching hands

Switching hands / shoulders with the carbine

For the long gun, switching shoulders is a MUST.  There is equal amounts of right side cover, and left side cover in the world.  To only use one shoulder relegates you to either always choosing a particular side (which is unrealistic) or you WILL expose more of your body than necessary to enemy fire if you have to shoot from the other side of cover.
By switching shoulders, you will always be able to expose just the bare minimum of yourself to enemy fire while maximizing your hit potential down range.
There are two different methods of switching shoulders.  They are “switch hands/switch shoulders” and “switch shoulders/switch hands”.

Switch Hands / Switch Shoulders

The first one we will cover is “switch hands/switch shoulders”.  The first step is to mount the carbine in your shoulder and hold it like you normally do.  Let’s assume that you have the long gun in the right shoulder.  Take your firing hand (the hand that is on the pistol grip) and extend it out to meet your left hand.  Grab the forearm with your right hand.  Now bring your left hand back and grasp the pistol grip.
Now push the long gun straight out toward the target, bring the buttstock out in front of your mouth, then bring the buttstock into your left shoulder.  That completes the switch.  Now switch back doing the reverse.
Repeat this twenty times, then do it blind folded twenty times.
Pay close attention that you are not doing any extreme movements with your head.  You want it as stable and fixed as possible.

Switch Shoulders / Switch Hands

The second way is to “switch shoulders/switch hands”.
This is pretty much just opposite of what you learned above.  Lets assume (again) that you are starting with the rifle in your right shoulder.  Push the rifle straight out, move the buttstock in front of your mouth, and the bring the buttstock straight back into the left shoulder.  Then take your right hand and place it out on the fore-end near your left hand.  Then bring your left hand back and place it on the pistol grip.
The only advantage one has over the other, is if you switch shoulders first, then switch hands, you are able to get a shot off from the left shoulder but using the right hand to shoot the gun.  In other words after you have switched shoulders and BEFORE you have switched hands, you are able to pull the trigger.
Practice this twenty times, then blindfolded twenty times.
Check out the video by clicking this sentence.
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