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  • ron says:

    What is the model number of your S&W MP 10 used in the “FN FAL vs AR308 Shootout” comparison? I like the rail & stock on it. I can’t find anything like it on the Smith & Wesson website. Thanks in advance.

    • tire iron says:

      The model # of my S&W M&P 10 is 811308. I did change out some parts, like the gas block (got a low profile one that would fit under the rail) and the rail (I installed a TROY Alpha 12″ rail). The stock is a B5 Bravo stock. I really like the cheek weld with this stock and it doesn’t cost arms and legs. I also installed a Magpul MOE grip, I like it a lot better than the OEM pistol grip. Thank you Ron for reading my blog and commenting!

  • Josh says:

    Great blog and youtube channel, so glad I found it. I’m an Iraq War vet (Army, Artillery), and I”m putting together a shooting exercise for some friends who want to learn how to use their chosen rifle. The resources you put out here have really helped me focus the course. Thanks!

    • tire iron says:

      Josh, thank you for the kind words! I appreciate it very much. If you need any additional information or perhaps some clarification on anything I have published, please let me know. I am here to help you and those like you.
      Thanks again!
      t i

  • Drew says:

    Hello Mr. Iron – Recently stumbled across your YouTube channel when I was searching for the Zhukhov handguard install tips. Great channel by the way, really enjoy your videos and teaching style. My question is: Can you do a video on how you painted your AK? I realize there are hundreds of videos out there on the topic, but I am really drawn to yours in particular. The color scheme and pattern are spot on for my area, and I’d like to replicate it. Thanks in advance!

  • Mike says:

    Hi: I just watched your FN FAL vs AR308 Shootou: YT video and read your blod on the Hk v M1A v FAL. I agree that the FAL is a fine battle rifle, but pricey. So from a cost/value perspective, what 7.62 rifle would you recommend?

    Fmr Army, E5, 11B2P, 1/508th Inf

    • tire iron says:

      First off, thank you for watching my video and reading my blog article, when people like you enjoy my videos/articles, it makes all of the effort to create them worth it – so thank you.

      The short answer to your question is there is no cheap way to get what you want. Here is a more detailed answer:

      If you want to get a FAL, I would recommend you get a military factory built FAL battle rifle. The mil contract FAL rifles would be like the Springfield SAR48 or 4800. (Also of course legit HK longarms as well as FN rifles.) The DSA rifles are well built, but are not cheap either.

      For the HK91/G3 style guns, I cannot recommend the PTR series of rifles, they have deviated from the original design too much and have positioned themselves for more of the precision shooter, which results in a rifle that is not as functionally reliable as one the is meant for field use. So the only HK rifle I would recommend would be the SAR-8 or similar. Of course the original HK rifles would also be in the group, but the prices are in the stratosphere.

      To get any other FAL or G3 rifle is a crap shoot. Some of them will be reliable, but you can’t ever know until you buy one and shoot the heck out of it under bad conditions. The odds are you will end up being disappointed and will have wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

      For the AR308 the S&W M&P10 is backed by S&W’s lifetime warranty – they will stand behind it and are probably the best value out there as you can find these in the $1000 range if you hunt for it. To spend less than $1k is to really take a chance on getting taken.

      Hope this answers your question – please feel free to ask more.


      tire iron

      • Mike says:

        Thanks for the informative reply. Sorry for the typos on my initial post, but I wasn’t wearing my glasses. When I was in the Army, we had the opportunity to shoot a lot of the NATO weapons and I always like the FAL. I used the M21 (modified M14 w/scope) and is was very easy to shoot and accurate <1000m. Looking at the DSA, they come in around $1700-2000 which isn't out of my price range, but there's other competition (S&W M&P 10, the gen 2 DMPS and the M1A variety. It's going to be fun figuring out what to pick up.


  • Jay Direx says:

    Tire Iron, I need your help. Ok, I write the The Rica Reyes- Rifle Girl Assassin web novels . My character’s main rifle is an M24. Now I’m stuck because I want her to try out a semi auto and I keep watching your videos, but all rifles are so cool. so here is my question.

    Alongside her M24, Please tell me what Semi Auto sniper/Battle rifle (7.62) she can use AND it must be battle hardened because she hits people with her rifle and affixes a bayonet when she fights, she’s a bad little girl. She’s needs a tough rifle, that can also snipe effective about 700-800 meters.

    Thanks Tire Iron, your vids are awesome ^_^

    • tire iron says:

      Thank you for being a fan of my work! As you know, it makes all the effort worth it when it is appreciated. Additionally, thank you for asking me to help you with your project. If you don’t mind, I am going to take some liberty and suggest a couple of different options for your character. First off though, bayonets were en vogue back in the days of single shot rifles (muskets/flintlocks/cap-n-ball), or rifles that have very low capacity, and slow to load (think bolt action military rifles of WWI and WWII). Once the modern self-loading rifles with large capacity magazines with very fast reloads came into being, the bayonet has since taken a back seat. In fact, there is no Special Operations units that even have rifles that will accept a bayonet anymore. Convention units do have rifles that will, but that is a throwback for tradition more than anything else. I would suggest she ditch her bolt action rifle (the M24) and move into the modern era with a SCAR17 or LMT MWS rifle. They are both very accurate, easily making hits out to 800 meters. Have her mount a good quality optic on it (Nightforce is the most expensive/sexy), and she would be good to go from 5 meters out to 800 meters. I would totally forego the bayonet (there is no .308 semi built today that is “modern” that has a bayonet lug) and carry a good handgun for the “up close and personal” encounter (I would suggest the HK VP9) and a good fighting knife for when the handgun will be too loud.

      Let me know what you think of the above – you can’t hurt my feelings so if I am way off base, let me know, as I *DO* want to help out.

      Again – thank you for asking!


      tire iron

  • Evan Jenkins says:

    Hey tire iron, Love your vids keep them coming!I Contacted you one month ago about testing and evaluation of my SRR [super rapid release] one handed SKS mag release. I have a few ready now if you are still interested. Please send me shipping info so I can get one out to you. I think you will really like it! Mention it in one of your videos and it is yours to keep after testing! I also have more items coming out for the SKS. Watch for them on our facebook. We will roll out the website for purchasing soon. I also have a line of optic mounts for the AR15 A-1 & A-2 that will bring these fine firearms into the 21st century. Thanks for having such a great YouTube channel!

    aka EJ
    Evan Jenkins
    Texas Firearms

  • Dave says:

    Hey TI, I know you like the SKS platform, and I heard you mention that you have not found a good solution for a scope mount on the SKS. I have a recommendation. The RTS Arms SKS Scope Mount. You can see it here: I’m not affiliated with this co, but I am an owner of this mount, and I think it’s great. Just an FYI.

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