Man vs Magazine Series

Here is a spreadsheet of the results of the Man vs Magazine series on my youtube channel:


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  • DAN III says:

    I stumbled across this site. I no sooner started reading the posting when you described the pictured Kalashnikov as an “assault rifle” ! Unbelievable. There is no such thing as an “assault” rifle, pistol, knife, etc., except in the minds of the left wing and the alleged conservative tools, such as yourself.

    You do no favors for firearms ownership, Freedom & Liberty when you play right into the hands of the enemy. The Left loves your type.

    • tire iron says:

      Wow – this really struck a nerve with you. Actually you incorrect. The VAST majority of AK’s around the world are true “assault rifles”. Only the semi-auto varieties found in the USA (and very small numbers in other places) are semi-auto look-a-likes. True assault rifles are select fire (meaning they can shoot full auto), magazine fed (usually with 30 round magazines), shooting an intermediate cartridge (like the 7.62×39, the 5.45×39 and the 5.56×45), shoulder fired, light weight, rifle. That is fact. Granted, the vast majority of AK’s (and AR’s) in the USA are NOT assault rifles, but rather semi-auto look-a-likes – WHICH IS THE EXACT WORDAGE I USED IN THE ARTICLE. I have a world-wide readership so I try to keep that in mind when I write my blogs articles. My article is factual. Your response is emotional. When you are ready to continue this discussion from a factual basis, please respond.

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