Day 6 – 14 Days to be a better shooter – Type 3 Malfunctions

Day 6 - 14 days to be a better shooter - Type 3 Malfunctions

Type 3 Malfuntion


Day 6 is all about Type 3 malfunctions and how to clear them.  A Type 3 Malfunction is when there is already a round stuck in the chamber, and there is another round trying to enter the chamber too. In other words, two rounds trying to get in the same place at the same time.  No workie!

Type 3 Malfunctions – what is a Type 3?

Type 3 Malfunctions can be caused by a faulty extractor, or bad ammo, but usually is caused by the shooter doing an improper malfunction clearance drill for a Type 1 or Type 2 Malfunction.  Remember while performing a Type 1 or Type 2, we need to keep the ejection port OPEN (not covering it with our hand, etc) and slightly pointed to the ground to allow for everything to fall out.  If it doesn’t come out, you will probably end up with a Type 3 Malfunction.

Type 3 Malfunction – how to clear

We probably won’t know when we have a Type 3 Malfunction, because it will probably be dark and we won’t be able to see into the chamber. So when we pull the trigger and nothing happens, we will immediately go into a Type 1/Type 2 malfunction clearance drill (they are the exact same drill) which is to ‘attack the magazine and attack the slide’. We will either recognize the slide/bolt didn’t go all the way forward or we won’t.  Not to worry if we don’t because we will attempt to fire, but nothing will happen. If we noticed the bolt/slide didn’t go forward we will automatically be at this point, if we didn’t and attacked the slide/bolt and nothing happened you are now at this point – which is you will now go through your UNLOAD sequence (you will have to RIP the magazine from the magazine well and put it in your firing hand pinky) – and then we will go through your LOAD sequence (grab magazine, insert it “ATTACK THE MAG” and then rack the bolt/charging handle “ATTACK THE SLIDE”. This would be followed by attempting to fire if the situation still calls for that. Perform 10 or 20 of these with both your handgun and your longarm of choice.  Go ahead and watch what your hands are doing.  GO SLOW!  Speed will come all on its own. Then put your blindfold on and do this 10 or 20 times with both your handgun and longarm. The last part of the drill is to do this again for 10 or 20 repititions, without a blindfold, but without looking at your firearm. REMEMBER to do all drills with the firearm up near your face, but off the side so everything is in your peripheral vision so you maintain Situational Awareness! Check out the video located here!

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